Welcome to our Top Secret Reindeer Help HQ!

If you’re a little bit stuck, that’s OK – we’ll whisper the answers.

No reindeer names here, though – you’ll have to find those yourself!

Good luck, reindeer hunters!






Find Lancashire, Cheshire and Red Leicester
In this Hamlet in South Manchester

Tell me the answer...
The Cheese Hamlet, 706 Wilmslow Road

After bringing gifts for Didsbury’s nippers
Santa comes here for his comfy slippers

Tell me the answer...
Andrew Graham Shoes, 673 Wilmslow Road

Will you spot Santa’s toy-filled sleigh
in an Albert Hill Street loading bay?

Tell me the answer...
Giddy Goat Toys, 2 Albert Hill Street

On a cobbled lane, two pretty girls
Might sell silver, might sell pearls….

Tell me the answer...
Harriet & Dee Jewellery Boutique, 9 Warburton Street

Our two pretty girls, still home on the cobbles
Have gifts, cards and wrap, homeware and baubles

Tell me the answer...
Harriet & Dee, 8 Warburton Street

If you’re feeling big, bad and tough
You could blow this shop down with a huff and a puff!

Tell me the answer...
Little Pigs Butchers, 735 Wilmslow Road

Santa’s a jolly and sweet-toothed fellow
For his tea, cake and ice cream, he loves ……

Tell me the answer...
Caramello, 10 Whitechapel Street

Are you sending a parcel? Printing your list?
This shop on the corner cannot be missed

Tell me the answer...
Mailboxes Etc, 792 Wilmslow Road

Where Kingsway and Queensway meet
You’re sure to find a tasty treat

Tell me the answer...
Wheildons Butchers, 5 Queensway

Whatever the weather, head FOG Lane way
To save your pennies for a RAINY day

Tell me the answer...
South Manchester Credit Union, 187 Fog Lane